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The Night
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United States
My current obsession is Monster High, so that's mostly what you'll see in my gallery.
I was tagged by Reiltra to explain 3 OC's and their creation. I usually am too lazy to do tag memes, but this one I don't mind doing, since I am always ready to talk about my OC's with anyone interested in listening. Thank you LunaBell for helping me pick which OC's to talk about ;3;

Lisa Ccubus by Kiyoshiko
So First up is Lisa, cause she is the first OC I've really put here on DA and done a lot with. So Lisa was the first Monster High OC I made, and I didn't really look at too much of the fandom stuff out there before I created her, otherwise she may have been a totally different monster. The idea was to have Succubus character that didn't fit the typical succubus mold. She had to be the mom friend, totally in love with the idea of eternal love with one soulmate, all while still being a bombshell. Not many people know this, or get a chance to see it, but Lisa can be a serious brat, and has a potty mouth when she is upset. Overall though, she is a sweet and caring girl who would go out of her way to help someone in need, especially if she has established even the faintest of friendships with them. I ended up choosing a hodgepodge of rockabilly and Vintage fashion for her style. Hilariously enough, I changed her initial design for her outfit a couple of times, and if I hadn't she would've looked almost exactly like Operetta, all before Operetta even came out lol. I've been thinking about possibly revamping her actually, she has grown quite a bit and I feel like I have a better sense of her style now then I did when I first made her. 

Lian Hua Wukong Proflie Art by Kiyoshiko
Second is a more recent addition to my line up, Lian Hua. My sweet monkey child. She is for the Ever After High Fandom, and technically the fifth OC I made for the fandom, even though she was fully fleshed out third. This little one is near and dear to my heart. She is my love letter to the Monkey King. I seriously can't get enough of Journey to the West stuff, and was honestly shocked there wasn't already a child of Sun Wukong in the fandom. I have to say, doing the research while designing her was my favorite part of making her. I really enjoyed looking at all of the images from various productions of Journey to the West put on by Chinese Opera companies as well as film adaptations. If it wasn't already apparent, her outfit and face paint is inspired by the classic look for Sun Wukong. I did my best to design her to obviously be a child of the Monkey King, without outright being a clone. Creating patterns for her outfit was probably the biggest challenge for me. I wanted them to be unique, but still fit with her overall theme. As for her personality, she is probably my favorite of all of my EAH OC's. She is a sweetheart and cuddly with all of her friends, as well as a bit of a wild card. She enjoys physical activities and has been known to instigate and get herself into trouble. She thinks the world of those she is close to, especially her father. She really idolizes him and as such has an over romanticized picture of her story. She has a gluttony problem, and as such tends to consume or partake in things she enjoys to the point of it being in excess. Most notably is her appetite for fruit. 

You Can Call Me Monster by Kiyoshiko
Finally we have my newest OC, Pyxis Vantablack. He is a dark matter alien that I adopted from Reiltra. He is an alien who got lost in space and ended up on earth, where he became totally and utterly obsessed with the popular culture of. He is in love with Kpop, Hip Hop, and street dancing, which is reflected in his fashion. He tends to lean heavily on geometric patterns and cuts in his outfits, accessorizing with silvers, blacks and whites. Other then these genres of music, he has a deep love for Vines, Youtube, parkour, and absolutely loves memes. He sunbathes as his main mode of "eating", taking in UV rays and elements from the atmosphere to sustain himself, but he does also like eating earth food for fun, he especially likes Pop Rocks. The elements he takes in, as well as the food he eats, affect his appearance, as such he can and will consume certain things so he matches with his outfits better. Only three of his "eyes" are used for vision, the two on his hands are actually what he uses to consume things as the iris portion is a function mini black hole of sorts. Pyxis is totally the lovechild of my Kpop and astronomy obsessions. I swear I am working on his art and will have him up soon! 

I tag Ninapedia GreenTeaDeer and Candy2021 



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